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Currently we have properties in the Tri Villages area of the Outer Banks, NC and right outside Berkely Springs, WV.  The Tri Villages area is a small quaint community consisting of Rodanthe, Waves, and Salvo NC.  The Berkely Springs area of West Virginia is historic for "Hot Springs" and is well known for tons of outdoor activities.  It's also a short drive to Harpers Ferry and Antietam National Battlefield.

Sunset on Hatteras Island in the OBX
Outer Banks, NC.

The Outer Banks of North Carolina offers a welcome relief from crowded cities and overrun vacation spots. In fact, you won’t find any cities on the Outer Banks, just 100+ miles of wide-open shoreline, charming seaside villages, and a mix of towns brimming with personality and fascinating connections to our nation’s history. Although we’re just a drive away, these barrier islands feel remote. 

The Outer Banks, aka OBX, has a long-standing and well-earned reputation for not letting anything get the best of it. The long thin ribbon of sand that makes up these barrier islands may change shape over time, but the resilient soul of the place remains. The expansive, natural beaches and wide-open parks of the Outer Banks feel exotic, but you don't have to take an airplane or cruise to get here, just hop in the car! 

While summer is a favorite for many, don't sell fall, winter, or spring short. Each season holds its own treasure. 

Beautiful and Wild West Virginia
Berkely Springs, WV.


Nestled in the West Virginia mountains, Berkeley Springs has attracted visitors from around the world to its natural warm springs and unique, artistic culture. Since 1776, we’ve provided respite and relaxation, located only 90 minutes west of the Washington/Baltimore metro area.

A fountainhead of warm mineral waters frequented by Native Americans long before Europeans arrived in the New World, are at the heart of the mountain spa community of Berkeley Springs in West Virginia’s Eastern Panhandle. First noted as Medicine Springs in 1747 on a map drawn by Thomas Jefferson’s father, the waters for many centuries have drawn visitors seeking health and relief from the stress of everyday life.

The waters flow at a constant 74°F from the base of Warm Springs Ridge. You may still drink freely and fill your jugs at the public tap guaranteed by the Virginia law establishing the town in 1776.  You can wade in the ancient stone pools in one of the country’s smallest state parks. The town has endured cycles of notoriety, fashion, war, and modern progress, but remains today the Country’s First Spa, a noted art town and friendly haven surrounded by West Virginia’s splendid outdoors.

Matt and Christine on the Beach

We Love New Adventures and our plan is to continue to expand our offerings to create different types of vacation opportunities in different areas.  Our next geography may be a lake, a ski area, near another body of water, the desert?  There are so many options so stay tuned!!!!

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